March 09 –June 30, 2019



Saturday, May 11, 2019, 7 pm–2 am

Location: Fotografie Forum Frankfurt


14 EUR, reduced 9 EUR, family ticket 29 EUR

At this year´s Nacht der Museen the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) offers an authentic Mexican evening. The program focusses on the current exhibition “GRACIELA ITURBIDE”.  The Mexican artist (*1942) is regarded Latin America's icon of contemporary photography. With her black and white photographs Iturbide brings us the shadows of human existence. Traditions and their fragility, belief and religion, community and death are common themes for the artist. Iturbide and her unique picture language became world famous with her first major photographic project Juchitán de las Mujeres (The Women’s Juchitán), and her series about the indigenous group of the Seri. In cooperation with Fundacion MAPFRE, the FFF presents the first retrospective of the artist in Germany. More than 100 photographs can be seen, covering all of Iturbide’s creative phases.

Those who would like to learn more about Graciela Iturbide can join the guided tours through the exhibition taking place at 7 pm, 10 pm and 11.30 pm

Personal insights into the artistic thoughts of Iturbide are provided by the short documentary from “The Artist Series by producer Ted Forbes.

Mexican rhythms are on the programme at 8 pm in the FFF, once the women from Guadalajara Adelitas Tapatias & Charros start performing traditional Mexican folklore dance.

From 11 pm on more music is presented at the frankfurtersalon (Braubachstr. 30–32, ground floor): Mexican Boleros, which are considered the most beautiful and at the same time abysmal love music of the last century are presented by soprano Margarita Barajas, who will be accompanied on the piano by Anel Cruz Ramos.

Part of the event this year also is the FFF-Instagram-Competition. The first prize is a TG-5 Camera from Olympus, which the FFF's main sponsor kindly provides.

Those who want to join the competition, simply upload the best picture of the event, link it with the FFF-Instagram Account fff.gram and use the hashtag #fffnachtdermuseen. Important for all participants: The Instagram profile has to be public. What else is to win? An annual membership at the FFF and a photography-book exclusively from the FFF book shop.

    FFF project partners for Nacht der Museen 2019 are Consulado de Mexico en Franfurt, Frankfurter Salon

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