The 2024 programme

As part of the FFF Academy, the unique art education programme FFF Junior promotes the use of the camera and the medium of photography and has for many years complemented the educational offerings of Fotografie Forum Frankfurt with the expertise of photographers and artists.

During the exhibition AIDA MULUNEH. ON THE EDGE OF PAST FUTURE four guided tours for primary school students (one), secondary school stuents(two) and high school stu- dents (one) took place. The programme also included a pedagogical training, a half-day workshop and a ten-day workshop with guided tours.

For the Fachverband Kunstpädagogik Hessen (Association of Art Education in Hesse) a further training course on the exhibition including art education approaches, was held for 13 people from the field of art education (28.02.2024).

FFF Junior art educator Jutta Stocksiefen (FFF Junior, art educator) and photographer Esra Klein (photographer) held a half-day workshop (12.03.2024) with 18 high school students from Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Schule in Ober-Ramstadt.

In cooperation with the Kinderkulturtreff Eschersheim in Frankfurt, a group of 13 participants aged between 8 and 14 years took part in a workshop over 2 weeks (08.–12.04. and 17.–19.04.2024) led by Jutta Stocksiefen (FFF Junior, art educator), and Lena Bils (photographer), with pedagogical support by Julia Meyer (KiKu Eschersheim).

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FFF Junior Workshop accompanying the exhibition “RAY Echoes. Identity”, 2024

Under the slogan “Who takes pictures, takes a closer look”, one of three intensive workshops on artistic photography took place with 15 children from the Kinderhaus Blauer Elefant of the Kinderschutzbund Mainz (May 21–31, 2024) to accompany the FFF exhibition RAY ECHOES IDENTITY (May 3rd–September 1st, 2024). Under the guidance of photographer Katharina Dubno and FFF art educator Lisa Weber, the workshop participants explored contemporary photography as well as precise and critical image observation. They were inspired by the FFF's exhibition RAY ECHOES IDENTITY. Under the heading “Off to the museum!”, the group visited the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, the Kunsthalle Mainz and the Museum of Small and Overlooked Things at the Staatstheater Mainz. They also had the opportunity to work with the resulting photographs and curate them together. The final exhibition at the Kinderhaus Blauer Elefant opened on June 13, 2024.

The FFF Junior 2024 programme is made possible with the support of Museum macht stark, Metzler Stiftung, Dr. Marschner Stiftung and FFF main sponsor Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH.

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