City Walk Workshop

“EYES ON Frankfurt – Searching for Traces”

Saturday, March 9th, 2024, 2–5:30 pm


History, street photography, portrait, landscape, conception, image composition, re-visiting a place.

Workshop schedule

Meeting at 2 pm at the FFF. Short introduction and discussion of the route. On the way, Markus Seibel will give tips for searching and finding interesting photo motifs in the city.


Compact camera or professional equipment; weather-appropriate clothing

Meeting Place

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstraße 30–32, 60311 Frankfurt

Language: German
Duration: 3,5 hours

The FFF AKADEMIE offers practical input especially for photography beginners with the FFF workshop series “EYES ON Frankfurt”.

Looking at the cityscape of Frankfurt with a new perspective, finding pictures in urban space, testing the possibilities of the camera, deepening one's own skills with practical tips from professionals – these goals are the focus of the afternoon workshops.

The motto is “learning by doing”: groups of a maximum of ten participants go to selected destinations in the city to connect to new viewpoints, experiment with light and composition, or to try out street photography, portrait photography and architectural photography in spontaneous settings. With the support and expertise from a professional, the FFF Frankfurt workshops are led by Markus Seibel, multi-skilled and experienced photographer. Some destinations include Frankfurt's Ostend district and Frankfurt’s parks, or night walks through the city.

We go to places that have shaped the photographic-visual memory of the city.

Places that inspired photographers such as Barbara Klemm, Abisag Thülmann, Lee Miller ... and where they made their photographs. Where and how were these photos taken? Which point of view? Which perspective? With EYES ON Frankfurt – Searching for Traces, the aim is to rediscover these places – a photographic search for traces down to the smallest detail.

Professionally supported by Markus Seibel, the participants of EYES ON Frankfurt practice integrating creative variables such as closeness, width, depth, space or light into the image composition, emphasizing the details of a motif and making optimal use of their own equipment.

Professional photographic equipment is not required for participation.

If desired, participants can use cameras from FFF sponsored by FUJIFILM.

Already during his communication design studies at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Markus Seibel traveled throughout Europe for his long-term study "Europe's Autumn" (beginning in 2012) to document the situation and fates of refugees and migrants along escape routes across the continent. The photo project has since received national and international recognition and awards and has been exhibited globally. In addition to his regular excursions into nature, especially into the mountains, the Rhine-Main region, Berlin, and daily life and the events in the urban landscape are continuous themes in his photographic work. Markus Seibel works in a classic documentary style while combining his image concepts in an organic way.

Markus Seibel (Website)

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