Saturday, November 4, 2023, 2–6 pm


Self-marketing, positioning, visibility, acquisition, strategies, communication, analysis of one's own situation, discussion and feedback

Workshop schedule

November 4, 2023: Meeting at 2 pm. Positioning and presence (profiling in the contract market, creating visibility for portfolio & projects). Acquisition and strategy (reaching target customers, contact management, platforms and tools for digital visibility).


Participants are asked to prepare "their" self-presentation sentence for the workshop (possible questions: Who are you, what do you do, what are your photographic focuses or clients). The sentence should be short (1 min.), meaningful and/or creative. Please bring pens and paper as workshop material.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstraße 30–32, 60311 Frankfurt

Language: German
Duration: 1/2 day

How do clients and photographers find each other? Which professional profiles stand out? Photographers have to meet the demands of different clients professionally and creatively every day. In order to be approached for interesting jobs, they should show a strong profile in addition to a modern website and an up-to-date portfolio.

Additionally, digital self-promotion is increasingly relevant for clients to discover photographers or to follow them. The FFF AKADEMIE workshop with Silke Güldner shows best practice examples and develops ideas so that photographers can improve their visibility in a targeted manner. The workshop will also focus on the role of one's own personality in self-marketing and what constitutes an up-to-date portfolio of services and appearance.

The workshop is aimed at long-time professionals and up-and-coming photographers who want to be attractively visible in the field of applied photography and win over attractive clients – for example, through cold calling or digital strategies.

Silke Güldner is a consultant for photographers and creative people. Her column on relevant questions from the job practice of professional photographers have been published in ProfiFoto since 2011. In October 2019 her first book Erfolg im Foto-Business was published in the EditionProfiFoto. As a former art director and photographer’s representative she has many years of experience in the creative industry, including the founding of an agency for photographer management. Since 2004, she has become a private consultant for professional and emerging photographers as well as gives workshops for associations, companies and institutions. She advises the creative-field, among other things, on profile clarification and positioning in the market as well as on the optimization of appearance, presentation measures and digital strategy. As a speaker, she regularly talks about new demands on the business model photographer. Her clients include the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF), Freelens, the Society for Humanistic Photography, the Swiss Professional Photographers Association (SBF), the Professional Photographers Guild Austria, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, the Photo + MedienforumPhotokina and Canon.

Silke Güldner (Website)

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