Saturday, Jan 23, May 08, Aug 28, and
Nov 20, 2021, 10 am–6 pm


Portrait, landscape, encounter, long-term project, concept development, picture review, editing, book design

Workshop schedule

January 23: [Due to the current corona measures, this meeting will take place online.] Photographer Thekla Ehling will introduce the topic as well as the goals and course of the long-term project. After an intensive review of the portfolios, the project ideas brought along on the topic of “encounters” will be discussed; the focus will be on the ideas and wishes of the participants. All four workshop dates offer sufficient opportunity to discuss the work of each individual and to address individual questions.

May 08, August 28 and November 20:
The participants' photo projects will be individually developed during the ten FFF Masterclass months and will be presented and discussed in the joint sessions. Thekla Ehling teaches professional photographic methods of action and work, provides support and tips and accompanies the projects of the workshop participants in such a way that everyone can tell their "story" in a new and fresh way.


For the first session each participant is asked to bring their portfolios with their works (20–30 images) in printed form and an idea for their project.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstraße 30–32, 60311 Frankfurt

The masterclass is designed as a four-part workshop series and can only be booked in full.

Language: German
Duration: Series of workshops in four sessions

In view of the Corona Pandemic, the past few months have been characterized by distance. After this intensive period of pausing, being cut off and uncertainty, the need for contact and exchange has increased for many people. The encounter with other people or with oneself, and looking for places to be has taken on a new significance. Seclusion and isolation have given other people new ideas for ways out and to meet others. 

Photography has always been one of the best door-openers for encounters of all kinds – and at the same time it is also a medium for taking a “closer” look. The focus of the workshop is to develop the idea of one's own stories on the topic of “encounters”, or to continue to work which has already begun in the same vein of thought. To leave old paths and walk new ones. What happens around me? What can I discover anew? Who or what do I want to meet? – The mutual exchange on such questions has a high value in this masterclass.

The masterclass is designed as a four-part workshop series and can only be booked in full.

Thekla Ehling was born in Bielefeld. After an apprenticeship as a bookbinder, she studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund and at the College of Fine Arts in Limerick, Ireland. Her photo books Sommerherz and Vergizsmeinnicht have been published by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg. She works for magazines in Germany and abroad and is represented by the Galerie Robert Morat in Berlin and the agency Focus in Hamburg. In 2014 she co-founded The PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne. Since 2017 she has been a lecturer on the subject of photo books at the universities in Hanover and Dortmund and she is a member of the German Photographic Academy. Thekla Ehling lives in Cologne.

Thekla Ehling (Website)

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