Online Workshop


Sunday, March 28, 2021, 10 am–5 pm 

(Central European Time, CET)


Preparation of photo projects for media such as magazine, exhibition, social media. Photo selection, handling of text and images, tips for cooperation with photo editors as well as authors, curators, designers.

Online Workshop Schedule

Meet 10 am via ZOOM. After a short introduction, Ute Noll will work on the above mentioned topics and questions. In the second part of the online workshop, the participants and Ute Noll will develop ‘prep-the-unseen’ concept for two selected projects, both in terms of content and visuals.


The participants need a computer with a camera and an intact internet connection to participate in this online workshop. 

Participants are asked to submit a series of at least 15 images no later than March 22nd, 2021. Three series will be drawn by lot from the submissions, which will be treated in the course as examples.


Online workshop, digital via online conversation. The exact link to the online conversation will be sent to the participants in advance. 

Photographers and artists are happy about a successful presentation of their work in professional magazines, exhibitions and on online platforms. This way the works become visible and known beyond their own radius. This mediation and distribution is also successfully possible via the respective social media channels. In all cases, it is essential that the responsible editors and curators are well prepared – and of course you yourself.

In the first part of the online workshop, Ute Noll will show how she places artistic photography in magazines, in exhibitions and in social media networks. Using her work examples, she explains how text, layout, typography and image become successful units and which questions are decisive for this. Practical tips are also discussed: How do I compose a picture series that works well? How do I plan an exhibition hanging, like a social media concept? When is text important, what is important? When are captions useful? How do I combine several series? How do I attract the attention of editors? How do I support them in their work? What do I need to consider when publishing in my own social media channels?

In the second part of the online workshop, the participants and the teacher will develop a content-related and visual concept with the aim of attracting more attention to a photographic work. For this purpose, a photo project is edited and a short text is written about it. Alternatively, an exhibition concept can be sketched. It is also possible to develop a social media strategy; if interested, the participants can submit a series of at least 15 pictures in advance. Two series will be selected from the submissions, which will be treated in the course as examples.

Ute Noll is a magazine editor, book editor and exhibition curator as well as an author, with a focus on photography. Her project agency Ute Noll Visual Projects (former On Photography & Illustration) and her gallery UNO ART SPACE have been located in Stuttgart since 2007, working on projects internationally. As photo director of the  magazine Du, Zurich since 2013, Noll has been responsible for the conception, thematic development and execution of illustration for the magazine. Since 1999, she developed image and photography portfolio formats for diverse magazines such as from 1999 to 2007 as she was the photo editor of the Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin. Noll has worked as an author since 2004. Likewise since 2004, she has been the co-festival coordinator for the Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie. And since 2009, she has been a lecturer at FH Bielefeld. From 2005 to 2013 she taught at the FH Dortmund. Photo books accompanying exhibitions from Noll are Hijacked 2, Germany/Australia (Kehrer Publisher, 2010–2014), Kill your Darlings (Kerber Publisher, 2011), Fremde Heimat (Reisebank, 2011, on mfk publishing). Most recently Noll was a juror at Nannen-Preis, Kategorie Fotografie, Hamburg and Il Woo Photograph Award, Seoul. Since 2000 she has been frequently invited to international photo festivals and juries such as Fotofest, Houston, USA and Lianzhou Fotofestival, China. Ute Noll studied sociology in Tübingen as well as photography, video and editing within the framework of a USA study abroad programme.

Ute Noll (Website)

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