June 25/26, 2022, 10 am–6 pm


Pinhole photography, camera obscura, portrait, landscape, concept development, editing and reviewing photographs

Workshop programme

June 25: Meeting at 10 am. Participants are introduced to pinhole photography, discuss themes with instructor, build their own pinhole cameras and test them.

June 26: Meeting at 10 pm. Participants create a body of work on a personally derived theme. Pictures are created on B&W photo paper and processed in the darkroom. 


Participants may bring their own boxes but material will also be provided by FFF.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt,

Braubachstraße 30–32

60311 Frankfurt

Language: English
Duration: 2 days
The experience of creating photographs with a pinhole camera belongs to a realm of slowness, simplicity and surprise. Pinhole photography is an unhurried, yet complete, adventure in seeing that encourages participants to discover a world of creativity and imagination where the unexpected replaces fast-paced, expensive and complex technologies. That is, since pinhole cameras have no lenses, shutters, or viewfinders, they are an ideal medium for expressing memories, fantasies and dreams. Participants build their own pinhole cameras and create a body of work on a personally derived theme. Pictures are created on black and white photo paper and processed in the darkroom. Option to scan the photographs.

Alessandra Capodacqua was born in Naples and lives and works in Florence. She is a photographer, a curator and a teacher of photography at NYU Florence and SACI (Studio Arts College International). She is also a founding member of the school of photography Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy, where she held the position of vice president until 2016.

As a curator, Alessandra Capodacqua has developed exhibitions of photography and has participated to the creation of festivals of photography in Italy and abroad. She is regularly invited as portfolio reviewer and as juror for international photo awards and prizes. Her photographs have been shown nationally and internationally and are in private and public collections, including the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.

Her most recent appointment as a curator and an organizer is focused on the Collezione Donata Pizzi, a private photography collection that includes the works of more than 70 Italian women photographers, and at the same time is one of the few collections worldwide with works exclusively by female artists.

Alessandra Capodacqua (Website)

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