September 04/05, 2021, 10 am–6 pm​​​​​​​


Urban development, landscape, perception of urban space, mood, atmosphere, picture review, digital photography

Workshop schedule

September 04: Meeting at 10 am. At the beginning, photographer Peter Bialobrzeski will give an introduction to the topic. After an initial, brief review of the portfolios, Peter Bialobrzeski will set individual tasks for the participants. Afterwards, the participants will have time to take pictures.

05 September 05: We will start with an in-depth portfolio review. Under his guidance and professional advice, the results and approaches of the participants are discussed and further developed. Afterwards Peter Bialobrzeski will give an insight into his projects and books. 


 Participants are asked to bring any material (images, texts, books etc.) relevant to their projects this can be as simple as black-and-white photocopies or a USB stick. Bring your own laptop and one will be available on site as a backup. 


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstraße 30–32

60311 Frankfurt am Main

The aim of the workshop is to sharpen the senses for the perception of a place within urban space. After all, the tools of photography include not only technical refinements such as exposure time and aperture settings, but also the ability of photographers to capture the mood of a place or the essence of a person. Experience shows that this ability is one of the essential prerequisites for the realization of complex photographic projects. 

The participants of the workshop will first collect their personal views of a district in the Frankfurt/Offenbach area with the help of digital cameras. The resulting images can then be edited on the computer, like in a kind of extended darkroom. The workshop will not focus on the technical side of image processing; rather, we will discuss the expanded possibilities of digital photography and how these change our perception of a photograph. To get into the right mood, it is recommended that we deal with the topic in advance, asking the following question: How is a place represented in contemporary photography? What possibilities are found for this in painting?

Peter Bialobrzeski studied politics and sociology and then worked as a local reporter in his hometown of Wolfsburg. After his studies in communication design with a focus on photography in Essen at the Folkwang University and in London at the London College of Communication, he began working for international magazines. Starting in the late 1990s he pursued publishing his projects in book form; in spring 2021 his 21st monograph was published. In 2002 Bialobrzeski was appointed professor of photography at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen. In 2003 and 2010 he won a World Press Photo Award. In 2012 he was recieved with the Dr.-Erich-Salomon-Prize of the German Society for Photography. His books have been honored several times, among others with the German Photo Book Award and the special mention as being “One of the most beautiful German books”. His photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibitions on all five continents and can be found in numerous private and public collections. Peter Bialobrzeski lives in Hamburg.

Peter Bialobrzeski (Website)

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