Feb 24/25, 2017, 10am–6pm



The portrait, image-defining elements (i. e. space, clothing, light, interior decor), portfolio review

Workshop schedule

Day 1: Meet at 10 am. Ute Mahler will start with an introduction to the topic and present different methods of portrait photography for discussion. The group will jointly experiment with different effects. After reviewing the individual portfolios of the participants, Ute Mahler will give the participants individual exercises. After this the participants have the time to photograph. The storage cards and films will be collected for overnight-printing.

Day 2: We begin with a closer look at the participants’ portfolios and the presentation of the portraits of Ute Mahler. Under her instruction we will discuss and further develop the approaches of the participants.


The participants are asked to bring their portfolios to the first session (10–30 images) in print, please don’t forget your photography equipment.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstr. 30–32, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Language: German
Price members: 250 EUR
Price non members: 350 EUR
Number of participants: Min. 8 | max. 12 persons
Registration deadline: Feb 05, 2017

The workshop explores different forms of the portrait with the help of examples from acclaimed photographers. Here we will investigate the following questions: What defines a good portrait? How strong should the photographer’s influence be and how does the staging define the statement? Does the self-staging make the better portrait? Space, clothing, lighting and interior setting are image-defining elements. They can make or break the portrait.

Getting to the bottom of these question is part of the workshop. In a practical exercise with the group, we will test and discuss their effect. During the second session of the workshop each participant will receive an individual exercise based on the contents of their portfolio.

Ute Mahler (*1949) counts as one of the most important German photographers and teachers and is co-founder of “OSTKREUZ – Agentur der Fotografen”. She studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and has been active as a freelance photographer. She gained notoriety for her work in the German magazine Sibylle, the former East German fashion and lifestyle magazine. Since 2000 she has been pursuing her career as Professor of photography at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Since 2009 she has been developing projects with Werner Mahler. In 2014 their works were presented in a large exhibition at the House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. This exhibition was accompanied by the catalogue Ute Mahler Werner Mahler published by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. Ute Mahler’s photographs are part of numerous collections, including the Berlinische Galerie and the DZ BANK Kunstsammlung. In 2012 she was awarded with the Lotto Brandenburg Kunstpreis Fotografie.

Ute Mahler, Ostkreuz (Website)

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