Saturday, February 1st, 2020, 10 am–5 pm

Workshop theme

Editing, portrait and self-portrait, long term project, visual narrative, storytelling, intimacy.

Workshop Schedule

Meet 10 am. The participants' works will be the subject of collective discussion; we will work on individual editing and sequencing. During the workshop participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own approach to photographic work. Whatever type of photography you love, we will try to understand how to make it more intimate. By trying to understand the deep reasons that move you to photograph we will explore the personal, both stylistically and conceptually.


The participants are asked to bring small prints (max 30 images) from an existing project to be presented.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstraße 30–32

60311 Frankfurt am Main

Language: English
Price members: 150 EUR
Price non members: 200 EUR
Number of participants: Min. 10 / max. 12
Registration deadline: January 31, 2020
Duration: 1 day

Often when we look for a subject in photography, we tend to look for distant, extraordinary, unfamiliar subjects. This workshop is instead, an invitation to look close to ourselves--to what we really have around us and who we really are. Photography has always been a form of therapy for me. It came at a dark moment of my life and like a hand outstretched, it invited me to the upward journey. Maybe it is for this reason that the subjects of my photographs are people who re-emerge from great suffering, transforming themselves. My work is often long and slow. It is in time that I create bonds. Photography, without ties, without intimacy, does not interest me; my journey takes me from unfamiliar to familiar. 

From Odd Days, my first project on eating disorders, to my last work on motherhood and self-portraits, the essential thing for me has always been the authenticity of relationships, which is born through dialogue. Time is my most precious ally. 

Simona Ghizzoni, born in 1977, is a photographer and visual artist working on independent long term projects. Most of her work stems from personal issues, which she processes and interprets through photography and video. Mainly known for her work on eating disorders, Odd Days, and her self-portraits series Rayuela addressing the ambivalent relationship between man and nature, Ghizzoni blurs the lines between documentary and autobiography. Her work has received several prizes, such as World Press Photo, POYi Pictures of theYear international, The Aftermath Project, Burn Magazine EPG, Sony WPO World Photography Organisation, among others. Her photographs have been been widely presented in one-person and collective exhibitions including the at the Nobel Peace Centre, Paris Photo, PhotoEspana, Auditorium di Roma and the Athens Photography Museum.

Simona Ghizzoni (WEBSITE)

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