October 19/20, 2019, 10 am–6 pm



storytelling, structure, developing projects, rejection therapy, feedback on individual project

Workshop schedule

October 19:
Meeting at 10 am. Terje Abusdal will start with an introduction to the topic and present different methods of structuring photographic projects. It will also include practical exercises with portraits. After reviewing the individual projects of the participants, Terje Abusdal will give the participants individual exercises.

October 20: In the beginning Abusdal will review the participants’ works, giving concrete advice on further development of their approach. Afterwards Terje Abusdal will present his projects and books giving incite into how he works.


The participants are asked to bring small prints (10–30 images) from an existing project to be presented and their photography equipment.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Braubachstraße 30–32 

60311 Frankfurt am Main

    Language: English
    Price members: 250 EUR
    Price non members: 350 EUR
    Number of participants: Min. 8 | max. 12 persons
    Registration deadline: October 17, 2019
    Duration: Two days

    Trying to put together a photographic project is a little like a love affair. At first you know very little apart from the shiny surface. Your gut tells you there is something worthwhile, but you can´t articulate exactly what. So you trot along, happily. Until, after a while, you inevitably reach a critical moment where you must decide: should I stay or should I go?

    This two-day workshop is specially tailored to helping the participants move their photographic project into the next phase. It is ideal for those who have already started a body of work and need feedback, ideas and inspiration to continue. It will also include practical exercises on portraits and tackling the biggest devil of all: overcoming your fear of rejection.

    The workshop will also cover the following themes: 

    • Best practice for developing projects. How to structure your work. Finding a narrative.
    • Mixing fact and fiction in storytelling.
    • Getting the work out. About exhibitions and photobooks.
    • Rejection therapy. A practical guide to portraits.
    • Feedback on each individual project.

    Terje Abusdal (*1978) is a photographer and visual artist from Norway working on independent projects in the intersection between fact and fiction. In 2017, his story on the Forest Finns – Slash & Burn – won the Leica Oskar Barnack Award and the Nordic Dummy Award. Two years prior he published his first photographic book Radius 500 Metres on Journal. His work was recently exhibited at Mattatoio di Roma in Italy and Fotogalleriet in Oslo. Abusdal lives and works in Bergen.

    Terje Abusdal (Website)

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