December 10, 2016 – January 29, 2017 

The exhibition WHAT REMAINS consists of 1001 images from Sascha Weidner. In addition, the visitors are invited to an exchange or swap: whoever discovers a photograph that they especially like, gets to take it home – if in exchange they leave a written explanation. Duplicates of the removed photos, which are leaning with the image-side against the wall in a second room area, are then turned around and uncovered. In this way, a constantly changing view of the world is created together with the visitors – and a text collection full of thoughts about the different ways that art emotionally moves the viewer.

With the exhibition, WHAT REMAINS, the curator, Luminita Sabau and the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt pay tribute to the life and work of the photographer, Sascha Weidner, who died in 2015 at the age of 40. The Berlin photo artist became known as a romantic traveller with a melancholy view, who captured the seemingly small moments of life with his camera. He left behind an abundance of very personal and richly associative images. “Everything is important. Culture. Catastrophes. Clichés. Banality. Politics. Everything leaves an impression on me. Everything should be captured”, Weidner once said, when describing his motivation.

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