Fee-Structuring and Usage Rights for Professional and Emerging Photographers

Saturday, April 10, 2021, 2–6 pm (Central European Time, CET)


Fee structure, usage rights, offer preparation, analysis of own situation, discussion and feedback

Online workshop schedule

Meeting at 2 pm via ZOOM. The aim is to give participants more security and a basis for calculating their fees and usage rights in contract photography. For this purpose, a calculation guide will be created, which participants can use as a basis for various projects. Another topic is communication with clients in the bidding phase.


The participants need a computer with a camera and an intact internet connection to participate in this online workshop. 

Participants are asked to have a cost estimation/quotation in PDF format prepared, which will be discussed during the workshop (sensitive data or passages can be ‘blacked out’). Due to time constraints, not all examples may be discussed during the workshop. In addition, participants should think about the question of what average daily (or half-day) fee they will receive for a commissioned production.  


Online workshop, digital via online conversation. The exact link to the online conversation will be sent to the participants in advance.

The development of fees and the remuneration rights for professional photographers are changing. The requests, offers or price expectations of customers range from attractive to absurd. Nevertheless, professional photographers have to react confidently and calculate and sell their work appropriately. This in itself is a challenge, because with only one ‘fee for everything’ they are not competitive. In addition, many customers are unwilling to pay a royalty for the extensive use of the images – for example in various technical channels. Here, not only is education on the part of the photographers an important part of communication with customers, but good negotiating skills are also crucial. How do you succeed in defining an attractive and professional fee for yourself and communicating it to the customer?

The workshop will deal with the development of fees and usage rights for commissioned photographers and will shed light on the background and factors of professional fee structuring. The workshop is aimed at professional and up-and-coming photographers as well as career changers who want to offer, calculate and sell their work on the contract market.

Silke Güldner is a consultant for photographers and creative people. Her column on relevant questions from the job practice of professional photographers have been published in ProfiFoto since 2011. In October 2019 her first book Erfolg im Foto-Business was published in the EditionProfiFoto. As a former art director and photographer’s representative she has many years of experience in the creative industry, including the founding of an agency for photographer management. Since 2004, she has become a private consultant for professional and emerging photographers as well as gives workshops for associations, companies and institutions. She advises the creative-field, among other things, on profile clarification and positioning in the market as well as on the optimization of appearance, presentation measures and digital strategy. As a speaker, she regularly talks about new demands on the business model photographer. Her clients include the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF), Freelens, the Society for Humanistic Photography, the Swiss Professional Photographers Association (SBF), the Professional Photographers Guild Austria, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, the Photo + MedienforumPhotokina and Canon.

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