Friday, May 15, 2020, 6 pm

Location: Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

---NEW DATE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2020, 6 PM---


5 EUR, reduced 3 EUR, for members of the FFF and students with valid ID card admission is free.

David Uzochukwu's portraits are often about the theme of belonging. In his lecture, he will talk about how experiences of marginalization and living on the fringes of society stimulate and influence his work. Uzochukwu examines the possibilities offered by photography to create a new refuge, a space of retreat that is difficult to locate. Often his pictures show people who seem to blend into nature as if they were natural matter. He reconstructs his photographs using digital post-processing to remove and removal of social markers, leaving them embedded in a kind of supernatural context. Can fantasy be more honest than reality? To what extent is fleeing from  reality a political, a calming or even a violent act? David Uzochukwu explore these questions in his lecture.

The lecture will be held in German.

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The visual artist David Uzochukwu, born 1998 in Innsbruck was raised in Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium. As a teenager he was mainly interested in self-portraiture; he creates staged photographs in gardens, on roofs and on the road. His photographic "community" originally began online. Uzochukwu's photographs have been shown at Bozar, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, the Lagos Photo Festival (NGA), among others. His artworks are found in the collection of the Musée de la Photographie (MuPho) in St. Louis/Senegal (SEN). Besides his artistic activities, Uzochukwu is currently studying philosophy at the HU Berlin.

David Uzochukwu (Website)

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