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November 25/26, 2023, 10 am–6 pm


Cityscape, traffic, concept development, developing own visual language, image review, portfolio review, editing, sequencing

Workshop programme

November 25: Meeting at 10 am. Jörg Brüggemann presents his work, discussion. Participants present their previous work and project ideas, image discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to take photographs based on the discussion of the images.

November 26: Meeting at 10 am. Participants present the photographic results of the previous day, image discussion. Jörg Brüggemann presents further photographic inspirations based on the ideas and projects of the participants. Concluding discussion and tips for continuing the projects.


Participants are asked to bring their own work in printed form, photographic equipment including card reader and laptop.


Fotografie Forum Frankfurt,

Braubachstraße 30–32

60311 Frankfurt

Language: German
Price members: 300 EUR
Price non members: 500 EUR
Number of participants: Min. 8 / max. 10 persons
Registration deadline: November 03, 2023
Duration: 2 days

“What is a good picture? Whenever we think we have the answer, we should ask the question again and find a new answer,” says Berlin-based photographer Jörg Brüggemann. He has been photographing for years for magazines, for theater, exhibitions and books, for love, for himself, and, as he says, to save his own life.

Narrative photography for him is a constant process of knowledge about the world and being human. This workshop aims to make this process experiential and shareable. The photographer asks participants, “Bring your images, projects, concepts, thoughts and feelings. We will discuss and evaluate them according to aesthetic, semantic, ethical, sociocultural, and emotional criteria – empowering you to further develop your own photographic language.”

Jörg Brüggemann (*1979 in Herne), photographer, lecturer and curator from Berlin, is member of the agency OSTKREUZ since 2009 and since 2019 also works there as managing director as well as a lecturer at the Ostkreuzschule. He works, among others, for ZEIT Magazin, GEO and Monocle, among others, and has been awarded numerous prizes and grants in the past, including the BFF Förderpreis and the Konrad Wolff Prize of the AdK together with the OSTKREUZ agency. For artist residencies he was in Georgetown, Malaysia, in Bangalore, India, and in Valparaiso, Chile. In 2012, his first monograph Metalheads – The Global Brotherhood was published by Gestalten-Verlag and in 2020, together with Tobias Kruse, Freundschaft was published by Kerber-Verlag, as well as the monograph Autobahn by Hartmann Books. In September 2020, his first solo exhibition ran as long at the Zephyr Mannheim, in July 2021 Autobahn at the Friche La Belle de Mai in Marseille.

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